InsecureWritersSupportGroup The IWSG is run by Alex Cavanaugh and invites writer’s to post on the first Wednesday of each month. The idea is for the post to be about something in your writing that makes you feel (even a little bit) insecure about what you’re doing and where you’re going. I think it’s a fantastic idea! So here goes…

This months topic: What is wrong with me? (Or “How Stress isn’t letting me do anything fun.”)

I have ideas. I have two Evernote notebooks full of them. One full of specific thoughts, characters and plots. Another a lot more general  with settings, themes, scenes… And if you’ll allow me to extend a bit out from writing – I make cards, crochet, and make wreaths. I mean, I did. My creative energy has been sapped by the stress monster. What’s worse is that I know that writing (and any creative pursuit) will help. And I simply cannot. I clean. That’s what my mind forces me to do (or not. Whatever.)  It hurts me physically, I’m exhausted by mid day, and I always feel like I’ve accomplished nothing.

Writing doesn’t leave me feeling like that. And I don’t even need to start something new. I have two stories in progress, another in mid-research, and am working on a non-fiction. I’m still on break from the web. But stress has gotten so high that all the creative goodness that came from that has deflated.

I’m not sure if this is on topic. But if you stopped by and have experienced this, or experienced a fix for it – I would love if you commented. (Or just comment about anything else as well :)


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Thirty-two, married and the happy keeper of a small indoor zoo ;) I like learning new things about my camera,reading,doing paper crafts and playing video games.

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