medium_3063566547I took a break from the internet – all social and not necessary functions. And it worked out pretty well for me. I managed to finish a book (and start another), start and finish a crochet project, start and finish a puzzle, and start a new/old-school  craft project.

The puzzles, the craft project (making wreathes) and very old school projects for me. My mother taught me how to make wreathes when I was about 12. I’d made a couple for gifts between now and then – but it’s been years. Even so, I’m really enjoying it. And puzzles! How cool are puzzles? I’d moved away from them because I never finished them, and then the cats were always sleeping on them and losing pieces :p Rorschach doesn’t bother them too much though :)

I’ve felt like making friendship bracelets, sand art and maybe even painting a small wooden birdhouse ;)

I felt a lot more creative while I was offline. I got story ideas at a much faster pace – three in five days – when I’m usually lucky to get a few a month. I used to spend a long time reading about others’ ideas, or suggestions to get ideas. How to plot and structure, how to build a world or develop a character. I found that I spend so much time reading about it that I never took the time to apply anything! My own ideas or others. I was missing the main part of writing – writing!

I’m not going to go back to cutting myself off from the internet. But I am going to try to shorten the time I spend online. My intention is to still update this blog regularly, keep in touch with friends while still hanging on to everything I gained <3



(photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc)

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Thirty-two, married and the happy keeper of a small indoor zoo ;) I like learning new things about my camera,reading,doing paper crafts and playing video games.

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