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This blog post is exactly what the title says. An awesome idea brought to us by Stephen Tremp, Mark Koopmans, Elise Fallson and C.M.Brown – the idea is to post something interesting about yourself and in the process re-introduce yourself to the blog-o-sphere. So here goes!

My name is Leslie and I’ve been blogging since… You know, I have no idea. Mostly because my first attempts at blogging were kind of… failures. (Unless you count LiveJournal. I stuck with that for years.) But for right now I have this.

Honestly my biggest goal in blogging isn’t numbers but to meet new people and learn new things. With such an amazong amount of people and blogs on the web there’s not end to the things one can discover.

I might look like a dork, but... Actually, I am a dork.

I might look like a dork, but… Actually, I am a dork.

About Leslie

Thirty-two, married and the happy keeper of a small indoor zoo ;) I like learning new things about my camera,reading,doing paper crafts and playing video games.

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